20 Most Expensives Homes In The St. Joseph Area

high end real estate
A huge benefit to living in the St. Joseph area is our relatively low cost of living. Using a marker of 100 for the U.S. average cost of living, St. Joseph has a score of 82.40*, meaning the cost of living here is below average.  Broken down categorically, Housing has an even lower score of 53. Translation: we get a lot of bang for our buck in real estate. Here's a comparison for example's sake- The cost of housing in New York, NY is 45% higher than it is in St. Joseph, MO. The current median list price here is $115,000. The same home, located in New York, NY would cost $166,750.

With this in mind, we thought you might be interested to know what the top end of our real estate market actually looks like. So here are the current 20 most expensive listings in the St. Joseph area...