Spring Planting Tips for Northwest Missouri

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It’s here! Spring is finally upon us, so now is a great time to start thinking about any landscaping changes you may want to make to your yard. Are you going to add shrubbery or trees? Start a small garden? Maybe you’re thinking of creating a calming outdoor patio area or a play area for the kids.


No matter what changes you’re thinking about making to your yard, now is a great time to start planning. Mind you, that doesn’t necessarily mean now is a great time to start planting. Because freezes still happen in northwest Missouri springs, you’ll want to check out these tips below to make sure you don’t get too ahead of yourself with your yard updates.

If You’re Adding Shrubs, Trees, or Perennials…

When you’re thinking of adding shrubs, trees, or perennials to your yard; you want to be careful. Because there are still some nights that freeze, you want to pay particular attention to the weather forecast when you’re deciding whether or not to plant. 


Also, you can use the availability of the item at your local nursery as a good indicator about whether it’s safe to plant. If the item is available, it’s a pretty good bet that the nursery believes it’s safe to plant. However, if the plant or tree isn’t available, it’s probably not safe for it to go in the ground yet.

If You Are Adding Grass…

If you’re adding grass to your yard or wanting to make your grass lusher, now is a great time to put out grass seed in areas that are thin or bare. This is called overseeding, and spring is the perfect time for it! It’s also a good time to mow the lawn to remove old growth before new growth begins.

If You’re Gardening…

When you want to garden, you need to research the food you’re thinking of growing. For example, some types of plants need to start indoors and get transplanted outside while others just need seeds in the soil outside.


The Farmer’s Almanac says that now is the perfect time to start seeds indoor for:

  • Broccoli,
  • Brussel sprouts,
  • Cauliflower,
  • Lettuce, and
  • Swiss chard.


The end of March is ideal to start seeds indoor for:

  • Cantaloupes,
  • Cucumbers,
  • Pumpkins,
  • Squash (Zucchini),
  • Sweet potatoes, and
  • Watermelons.


If you have your garden tilled and ready to go, there are some items you can plant right now. Legend has it that you should plant your potatoes by St. Patrick’s Day for a high yield. Also, you can start planting seeds for:

  • Carrots, 
  • Peas, and 
  • Spinach.

If You’re Creating a Patio or Play Area…

When the ground freezes and thaws, it shifts very slightly. This is why, if you’re creating a patio or play area, you’ll want to wait until there are no more freezes before you get to work. Once you’re pretty sure your temperature is going to stay above 40 or so, feel free to move forward with your concrete or paver project. 

Or, Maybe You Just Want a New Yard to Play In

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