4 Room Makeover Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank


The long winter has had us stuck inside staring at the same handful of rooms for what has felt like a small eternity.  The end is in sight - spring is right around the corner!  Which means now is the time for a spring room refresh. Renovations and redecorating can get costly, but you don't have to spend a fortune to make a big impact! Read on for 4 ways to update your space, with breaking the bank.

decorate1) Make a Statement With Paint

Whether you are a fan of bold colors or prefer to stick to neutral palettes, paint can dramatically change the feel of a room - for less than you might think. While maintaining the overall flow and connectivity of the color scheme in your home is important, your walls all have to be the same color. One way to easily and inexpensively spice up a room is to create an accent wall. By painting one wall darker, or in a complementary color you create a bold focal point and instantly add interest. Want to take it up another notch? Try adding strips or an ombre pattern. Home Depot a great library of painting tips and DIY guides here.



2) Accessorizespring remodel

This is where the real fun begins! If you generally stick to a neutral or subdued color palette adding an accent color is vital. Using accessories to introduce an accent color lets you really hone in on where you want the focal points to be while making it easy to change when you are ready. Throw blankets, pillows, lamp shades, rugs or even small side table or chair are all great ways to introduce an accent color.  This is your chance to step outside your comfort zone and go a little wild.  Pick that red accent chair you love!


3) Magic Carpet


While area rugs may not quite be magic, they can certainly transform a room! In fact, according to HGTV area rugs can make such an impact on the feel of a room, professionals often start the design process by selecting a rug. Area rugs are important for adding another layer of dimension and artistic interest to a room. Whether you are looking for bold and busy or understated and cozy, there is a rug for every room. Whatever style you decide on, don't skimp on the size. Bigger area rugs that reach under the edge of the furniture have a very cohesive effect, pulling the room together for a nice, complete look.



4) Beef up the Lighting

Ideal lighting has to come from multiple sources to really reach to the far corners of a room though. The goal is to have ambient light from one or more overhead sources, plus more focused accent or task lighting. Swap out dull, insufficient fixtures for bigger and brighter options. Then fill in the shadows and add extra light to the spaces you use most with lamps or wall sconces. This will provide plenty of light, and the opportunity to add some zing to the overall design of your space.

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