5 Easy Steps to Get Your Missouri Lawn and Landscape Ready for Spring


In Missouri, the robins are here and that can only mean one thing–spring has finally arrived! The start of spring often means we will have warmer temperatures and buckets of rain. However, it also means that it’s time to get outdoors to start getting your lawn and landscape ready for spring.

Do We Have To?

With the damp ground and cooler temperatures, spring yard work isn’t necessarily fun for everybody. And, truth be told, you don’t actually have to do anything right now. However, the overall beauty of your yard will suffer because of it.


By taking just a little bit of time right now, you can lay the foundation for a gorgeous summer yard. Just follow these five easy steps to get your Missouri lawn and landscape ready.

1. Grab a rake and clean up.

The very first thing you want to do is clean up any fall and winter debris from your yard and landscaping. Gather leaves, twigs, and any other plant debris you may find.


When you are cleaning up your landscaping, you will also want to prune back any large plants or bushes. Always make sure to research your plants before you start trimming. You certainly don’t want to accidentally kill a healthy plant because you got too happy with the trimmers.


After you’ve collected all the debris and trimmings, you can scoop them into trash bags. In some areas, you can burn your natural debris. Make sure to check with your city and county about the rules and regulations for burning before you start any fires, though. The last thing you want is a visit from local law enforcement while you’re working in your yard.


pond2. Lay the foundation for a beautiful yard.

If you have bare spots in your yard or areas where the grass is very thin, you might think about adding grass seed. Many lawn care professionals recommend putting out grass seed in early April. The seed will germinate when the temperature gets around 50.


Find out which type of grass is already growing and get that seed. It would look odd if you grew different types of grass in your yard, so make sure you’ve got an exact match. Make sure to cover your grass seed with straw or commercial mulch. Although the mulch is more expensive, it guarantees that you won’t accidentally also grow weeds.


After your grass seed is out and covered, add fertilizer and weed killer to your yard. The fertilizer acts like a vitamin for your grass and plants, so they can grow. The weed killer acts like a preventative medicine to help kill things that will attack your grass and landscaping. By using fertilizer and weed killer all over your yard, you’re laying a foundation for healthy growth for your whole yard.


3. Get out the edger!

Once you have everything healthy and prepared, get out the edger. Using an edging tool helps your yard look sharper. Your landscaping will seem fresh and exciting. Plus, sidewalks and drives will seem better maintained with a nice, crisp border.


4. Put out good, thick mulch.

The whole purpose of mulch is to prevent weeds from popping up and control moisture absorption by your plants. Mulch prevents weeds because it is heavy and blocks necessary sunlight.


It controls moisture absorption because the mulch will absorb heavy spring rain and release the moisture over time. This prevents the plant from getting too much rain during spring showers and from drying out during dry spells.


Before you put out your new mulch, make sure to get rid of the old mulch. Also, make sure you don’t cover your plants with your new mulch–it could end up stunting your plant’s growth or even killing it.


5. Mow early and mow often.

Many lawn care professionals suggest that you mow early in the season. This is because you don’t want your grass to get too long. The rule of thumb is that you should never mow more than one-third of the grass length at one time because doing so could cause future health problems for your grass.


In times when the grass seems to shoot up overnight, consider doing a tall mow so you respect the one-third rule. Although this will mean more time with your mower, it will also mean a healthier yard.


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