Are You Participating in No-Shave November? Here’s Why You Should.

no shave november

November is here. If you’ve already safely stored your razors for the month, you may already be familiar with No-Shave November. (Or, you might just be using this catchy slogan as a justification for slacking on your usual personal grooming tasks.) But, did you know No-Shave November has a purpose? Here’s more about this trendy activity and the reason why people are participating.

What Is No-Shave November?

On the surface, the name explains it all—you don’t shave during the month of November. However, this movement wasn’t created by a group of guys who wanted to encourage beard growth during one of the colder fall months. No-Shave November is actually a movement to evoke conversation and encourage cancer awareness.


When people go through treatment for cancer, they often lose their hair. So, the goal of No-Shave November is to embrace your hair growth and then donate the money you would have spent on your hair removal products or services at the end of the month. 

How Can I Participate?

Participating in No-Shave November is easy.

  1. Put your razor in the drawer.
  2. Let your hair grow. 
  3. Groom to your heart’s content! Just because this is No-Shave November doesn’t mean you need to look rough and scraggly. Trim and style to your heart’s content, and have fun. Plus, if you end up with say, a really sweet Freddie Mercury-style mustache, your friends and coworkers will probably ask you about it.
  4. Let your friends know what you’re doing—and why! One of the main points of No-Shave November is to encourage discussion and awareness of cancer. So, just by talking to someone about what you’re doing this month, you support and advance this mission.
  5. If you’re someone who wants to fundraise, you can set up a fundraising page and encourage your friends to donate. This link will let you officially register with, but you could choose another organization to raise money for such as Fight Colorectal Cancer or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  6. Don’t forget to donate at the end of the month! Your donation (as well as any donations from friends) will help support increased cancer awareness.

Can Women Do It Too? 

You betcha, sister! Although you’re probably not going to spark as much conversation as a male coworker showing up on Monday with the start of a mustache or beard, you can certainly create your own version of No-Shave November. 


Just remember, the idea is for you to let your hair grow and go care-free during the month of November—no shaving or waxing. Then, donate the money you would have spent on these products or services to an organization that promotes cancer awareness.

Are You Ready for a Change?

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