Budget-Friendly Ways to Spruce-Up Your Home For Spring

spring home update

Spring is a great time to deep clean, declutter, and update your home. While renovations can be daunting to tackle, both financially and logistically, there are a variety of quick and inexpensive ways to spruce up your home. Read on for excellent ways to upgrade any space on a budget.


Update the Lighting 

Lighting can make or break a room. Transform a darker space by adding floor lamps or even wall sconces for a more vibrant, open feel. Alternatively, updating the existing light fixtures doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Spruce up outdated fixtures with spray paint or shop second-hand to replace them with modern fixtures to draw the eye and add pizazz to a room. 


Stylish Storage Solutions

Whether you read Marie Kondo’s Magic Art of Tidying Up, watch The Home Edit on Netflix, or just generally want to get more organized, there’s one consistent theme – storage. Fortunately, a bookcase, dresser, cute cubbies, or cabinet can be an inexpensive purchase and dramatically improve the way a room feels. Often, repurposing something you already own can be a quick and cheap fix! If you need to purchase something, though, these items are often available at big box stores inexpensively or second-hand stores. Just be careful to choose something that is a good fit for the overall style of your home.


Kitchen Facelift

Kitchen cabinets often start to show age before we evenupdate kitchen notice. Take a closer look to see if your kitchen needs a facelift. New cabinets can be a costly project (often one of the most expensive updates in a home), but a little elbow grease and quality paint can go a long way towards instantly modernizing your home. Neutral colors are always a safe bet to complement your existing decor, but try a pop of color or go with a two-tone design to add some instant oomph. For an even more striking effect, add some inexpensive trim and replace the existing cabinet hardware!


Fresh Paint

Wall color is one of the most effective ways to change a room’s mood and give you a new bold look. Go for a lighter color to make a room feel airy and larger, or go darker for a more cozy feel. Be sure to consider your ceiling height, the color of your trim, and furnishings when picking your wall color to get a cohesive feel. If you want to spice things up in a big want, try painting an accent wall or add a pattern. Take to Google and YouTube for tutorials on all the fun things you can do with paint.


Spruce it Up

If home renovations seem like an expensive and overwhelming endeavor, you can instead get creative to improve your home’s look on a budget quickly. If you are planning to sell your home soon, stick to neutral color palettes and traditional designs when you update your home. Otherwise, your home decor should be an expression of you! Look at pictures online to find a room you love as an inspiration and run with it. 

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