Home Maintenance

Get Humidity Out Of The House

It’s officially summer and here in NW Missouri, summer means humidity!  Humidity does more than make you uncomfortable. Although the feeling of heavy air and stickiness in your home certainly is unpleasant and can make it difficult to fall asleep at night, you may only think of it as a minor annoyance at best. However […]

Ramseier Realty Group | Jun 19, 2018

Spring Cleaning for People Who Hate to Clean

I have this issue. I love a clean house, but I hate to clean. It really causes a conflict sometimes, especially around spring. As the sun shines through my dingy windows, I ask questions like “What is that on the top of my ceiling fan?” and “What is that stain on my wall?” and “How […]

Ramseier Realty Group | Apr 15, 2018

Spring Home Maintenance Simplified

  For your home, spring activities should include more than cleaning. With spring on its way, here’s a guide to the areas of your house that need to be checked or serviced before the spring weather hits.   Outside Grab a ladder and some binoculars, and let’s go outside. Don’t worry; this won’t take long. […]

Ramseier Realty Group | Apr 6, 2018