Committed to Safety

As COVID-19 continues to impact our lives and the world, Ramseier Group is committed to client and public safety.


Real Estate & COVID-19

Ramseier Group is committed to client and public safety while still being available to service all your real estate needs. Below a comprehensive list of how we are conducting business while keeping everyone safe.

For local response, updates check the City of St. Joseph website frequently. 


For ALL Clients

  1. CLIENT CONSULTATIONS.  Consultations can be done in person, via phone call, and/or video chat ~ we will develop a plan to find your perfect home or to quickly market and sell your existing home!
  2. CONTRACTS.  Handling of offers and contracts will be managed digitally through secure resource providers.
  3. EARNEST MONEY.  Social Distancing options are available, including but not limited to electronic delivery.
  4. INSPECTIONS.  Inspections are being conducted with the utmost attention to social distancing and germ containment.
  5. CLOSINGS.  Only essential signers should attend closings. 

For Our Buyers

  1. PROSPECTIVE HOMES.  You will be instantly notified when a home hits the market that fits your criteria via text, email or phone call
  2. TOURS. Buyers MUST have pre-approval or proof of funds before in-home showings can be scheduled. If in-home tours are done, every precaution will be taken to avoid spread of illness, such as the wearing of masks, shoe covers, and gloves, limiting the number of visitors inside homes, sanitizing any surfaces which are touched, and practicing social distancing. 
  3. VERIFICATION.  Verification will be made with the listing agent to confirm no one in the home has been ill. 

For Our Sellers

  1. LISTING PHOTOS.  RRG will continue to provide professional photos to provide the best visual presentation to online buyers. Where possible, photos will be scheduled while the home owner/occupant is not at home. Every precaution will be taken to minimize exposure and spread of germs.
  2. MARKETING OF YOUR HOME.  Marketing is always a crucial service provided to our clients, but during these uncertain times, digital marketing will be vital. It is imperative that potential buyers see your home even while under orders to stay at home. Digital marketing is the best platform for getting your home in front of people and RRG has always excelled in this arena. 
  3. TOURS.  Any in-person home tours will be conducted in the safest manner possible. Again, every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of all parties. We will inquire if anyone in your home has been ill. VERIFICATION will be made with the buyer's agent to confirm potential buyers have not been ill. Please leave lights on and interior doors ajar prior to the arrival of touring buyers to help minimize the need for surface contact.  
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If you have a need during these challenging times, please reach out whether it’s real estate related or not, it is our desire to assist if at all possible. If you know of a need which we can fill, please reach out to us at 816-262-8077 or complete the form below.

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