How to Design an Effective Study Space


study habitsIf you’re a parent of school-aged children, you are likely deep in back to school preparations. As we head into the new school year, it’s essential to evaluate your student’s workspace at home.   Sitting down in front of the television or at the dinner table to hit the books is going to be less efficient and effective than doing so in a quiet, designated place.  A little planning and effort up front can save a lot of trouble during the rest of the school year. Take a look at how you can create an effective, designated study space for your student this year!


Get Input

Before you jump in, it’s a good idea to have a chat with those who will be using it most. Ask the children what kind of surroundings they feel would help to keep them productive. Getting their input will give them a sense of ownership, making them more likely to actually USE the space when it’s finished. Younger kids may only need a nook with a desk.

Conversely, older children who are in high school are likely to need a lot of desk space for laptops, textbooks, and other studying materials. Regardless, they’ll need all their supplies easily accessible. Think writing utensils, eraser, rulers, markers, paper, etc. table and chair

Let There be Light

Next, you’ll want to focus on lighting. A dark room isn’t likely to be a positive studying environment.If possible, natural light sources should be used as much as possible. Studies indicate that sunlight is better at keeping individuals alert and focused than other types of lighting. Also, consider adding some plants which can keep oxygen levels a bit higher in the room.

Note that you’ll want to avoid making the room so bright that it’s distracting. Too warm and cozy will make it feel more like naptime and likely create issues with glare on computer screens or even on paper. Find a happy middle.


Uninterrupted Concentration

Distractions – especially those which are useful for procrastinating – are the bane of any productive space.  Keep distractions out of this space, including TV, video games, toys, or other items that might tempt young minds to wander.


A study room is an excellent addition to any home with school-aged children. If you’re in the market for a new home, we can help. Call us today at 816.262.8077 to speak with one of our experienced realtors or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment.