Do Home Showings Still Happen? What You Need to Know About Real Estate + COVID-19


The arrival of COVID-19 has impacted our lives in more ways than we’ll ever be able to count. Every industry, every facet of life has experienced change. Real estate is no exception.


Think about it. Just mere months ago, you might let a flock of total strangers wander through your family home. Undoubtedly, some would cough or sneeze. All of them would touch handles, doorknobs, and other surfaces. 


hand sanitizerGerms were released and spread, and you never even thought about it. All of that has changed now. But, don’t worry, rules haven’t gotten crazy. Here’s what you need to know about how home showings have changed to help keep everyone safe.


Found a home?

When you first find a home you might be interested in seeing in person, check out all the pictures and contact your agent. Sometimes, there’s even a video tour of the home available online to help you be certain this home is really one you might purchase. 


If you think you’ve found a new home that might be right for you, contact your realtor. Make sure to ask any questions you might have now. This way, your realtor can ask and get your answers for you before you even visit the home.


You’ve checked out pictures online and maybe even watched a video tour. Now, it’s time to see the home in person. Make sure to come prepared.


These days, when you’re going to tour someone else’s home, it’s courteous to wear a face mask. You also face maskwant to leave your shoes at the front door or wear booties to cover your shoes. 


In addition to wearing a mask and wearing booties, there’s one additional change to viewing a home. Only decision-makers should attend when possible.


Gone are the days of bringing your Mom, your Uncle Bob, and your cousin’s friend who does electrical work to check out your prospective home. Instead, your viewing should be limited to the people who will be living in the house with you. 


However, if you do need to have a crew go through and check the house out for you, just ask your realtor so he or she can ask permission from the homeowners.

Going through the home…

If you need gloves so you can safely open doors, let your realtor know. Otherwise, be fully prepared to look with your eyes and not your hands. 


By allowing your realtor to open all the doors for you, you help minimize the germs and exposure for the family who currently lives there.

social distancing

But, what about Open Houses?

If you’re thinking of swinging by an Open House, follow the rules from above. Bring your own mask, leave your shoes at the door or wear booties, try to avoid touching anything, and do your very best to stay 6 feet away from other guests.

Are you ready to buy a new home?

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