How to Choose a Listing Agent

Sell your home

Once you decide that you want to sell your home, choosing your listing agent will be your next big decision. This can be a daunting task for home sellers. With so many realtors out there, how do you find the best one for you? Don’t worry! Here are five steps to help you choose a listing agent.

real estate1. Ask around.

Although you shouldn’t rely solely on the advice of your friends when choosing a listing agent, they can be a great resource. Ask your friends if they have any recommendations for a listing agent, and keep a list of the realtors that are recommended. Or, post a similar sentiment on Facebook and watch the comments grow!

In order to find the best listing agent for you, keep track of which realtors are recommended. It’s also a good idea to use Google and to find out more information. For example, you might want to search your local real estate association’s annual awards and see who has won recently.

2. Call potential listing agents.

Now that you have a solid list of potential listing agents, it’s time to make some phone calls. It’s important that you call instead of simply contacting the agent online. This is because most of your communication will either happen over the phone or face to face.

When you call a potential agent, you also get some other information about that person. For example, if they don’t answer, you can see if they return your call in a timely manner. Also, when you’re speaking with the agent, you should be able to start assessing whether you find the realtor to be trustworthy and honest. Schedule face-to-face interviews with any realtors that you think would be the best listing agents for you.  

3. Interview potential listing agents.

In the interview, it’s important to ask thoughtful questions. Here are some of the best questions to ask during your interview:listing agent

  • How much would you list my house for?
  • What is your commission?
  • What, specifically, do you do to sell a house?
  • Is there anything that you would suggest that I do to my house before listing it?
  • What do you expect from me, as a client?
  • How many homes do you have listed right now?
  • How long have you been in real estate?
  • What was the biggest obstacle in your last sale?
  • May I contact your references?

4. Ask for references.

Always, always ask for references. It happens that sometimes someone talks a good game and seems very nice and knowledgeable. Then, you contact their reference and discover that it’s all an act. No matter how well the person answered your questions, always contact references and factor that input into your decision.

5. Notify your choice.

Once you’ve decided who would be the best listing agent for you, contact the realtor. He or she will be excited to get you on the path to selling your home.

lorrie ramseier realtorHere at Ramseier Realty Group, we’d love to talk to you about listing your home. If you haven’t already selected a listing agent, contact one of our many qualified realtors to help you quickly sell your home. Visit our website to find out more about our team members, and give us a call at 816.262.8077 to find out if we’re the right listing agent for you!