How to Support Local Businesses on Small Business Saturday

The holidays are upon us. And with them, the holiday shopping season. As you might already know, the days following Thanksgiving are no longer known as Friday and Saturday. Instead, they

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are called Black Friday (which is particularly known for its killer sales) and Small Business Saturday. Although Small Business Saturday is also filled with its share of hot deals, it’s a bit different. Here’s why Small Business Saturday is special and how you can support your local small businesses.

What’s the Difference Between Black Friday and Small Business Saturday?

So, you might be wondering If Black Friday and Small Business Saturday both offer killer deals, what’s the difference? Simply put, the difference is size and volume. Black Friday was a shopping holiday designed by large stores to jump-start the enthusiasm of holiday shopping.


Because retail chains offer many locations and plenty of employees, these stores could decide to do something crazy—like open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving (a day when ALL stores were previously closed). This created a unique shopping experience for consumers, and people went crazy for it.


Caught up in the enthusiasm of holiday shopping, people started forgetting about shopping in their community stores. Thankfully, American Express created Small Business Saturday in 2010 to help boost holiday sales for independently owned stores across the country.


On Small Business Saturday, your favorite local stores will have deals that rival even the best bargains you’ll find Friday. 

support localWhy Support Local Businesses on Small Business Saturday?

You may not realize it, but when you shop locally, more of the money you spend tends to stay in your community. On average, two-thirds of every dollar stays in your community when you make a purchase from a local store. Plus, your money that you just spent can be used by the business to make other local purchases and employ citizens. When you make a purchase from a local store, you’re not just buying a cool item—you’re investing in your community!

How Can You Support Your Local Small Businesses?

One obvious way to support your local small businesses is by making purchases. Whether you’re buying an item or a gift certificate, every dollar is appreciated by your local business owner. But, shopping isn’t the only way you can support your local shops.


When you’re out and about, check-in on social media and let your friends know about all the great events and deals that are going on during Small Business Saturday. You can also support your local stores by creating your holiday wish list from items you see while out shopping on Saturday. Remember, just taking a little bit of time to say something nice about a local shop could result in additional sales and increased money invested in your community. When you shop local, everyone wins!

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