Keep Bugs Away from Your Summer Fun

bugs bugging you

Don’t let the bugs spoil your fun this summer! Try our tips for keeping pests at bay while you relax outside and play. Here are some natural and chemical ways that you can deter pests.  

The Natural Way

Whenever possible, you want to use natural ways to keep bugs away. By keeping things natural, you greatly reduce the risk of causing injury to your pets or children with chemicals. Plus, there are a variety of things you can do to deter pests, so it makes sense to give natural pest control a try before you bring in the heavy-duty chemicals.


The sweeter the smell of your flowers, the more likely you are to have more pests like gnats, mosquitoes, and bees. If you’re planning an outdoor event, try to set up away from those sweet flowers. Keep in mind that these flowers can be found on the ground or in trees.


Many people don’t realize that some herbs have natural insect repellent properties. To help keep insects away, try planting or creating arrangements with these herbs:

  • Peppermint,
  • Lemongrass,
  • Lavender,
  • Basil,
  • Mint,
  • Lemon thyme,
  • Rosemary,
  • And many others.

For more information about which herbs and ornamental flowers repel which insects, check out this post on They clearly explain which plants to use to naturally treat your pest problem.


Recently, it has become very popular to create your own insect repellent with oils. Some common oils used in natural insect repellents are:

  • Citronella,
  • Rosemary,
  • Clove,
  • Lemongrass,
  • Catnip,
  • Geranium,
  • Lavender, and
  • Mint.

There are several other oils that can be used in insect repellent; this list is just a starting point. Check out to learn how to combine your oils to make an effective pest spray.


It’s very important that you spray your clothes and tablecloths (and not your body) with your new oil combination. Yes, these ingredients are natural, but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe for you to consume. Since your skin is your body’s largest organ, you really want to refrain from applying these oils directly to your skin. As always, make sure to supervise children while they apply this spray.



Citronella candles are a popular way to keep pests at bay. It’s hard to say for sure whether it’s the fire or the citronella scent that deters insects from crashing your party because both seem to be a deterrent.


Try lighting multiple candles when you’re outside. You can use candles with a variety of scents, but it stands to reason that the candles scented with the oils that are commonly used to repel bugs should work better than just generic candles. Remember to avoid candles with a sweet smell, as you might actually end up attracting insects instead of repelling them.

Keep It Clean

When you’re having fun outdoors, try to pick a clean area. Look for a spot where the grass is short. Get set up in a spot away from plants and flowers.outside fun


Make sure that there aren’t a ton of trees (because where there are trees, there are ticks). In your own yard, keep any low branches trimmed to reduce your chances of a tick bite.


Be aware that ants may try to steal your food. With that in mind, do your best to keep your food safely sealed. Only have food out in the open when you’re eating it. As soon as you’re finished, try to get it put away and sealed safely in an appropriate bag.


Remember that even when your uneaten food is in the trash can, ants will seek it out. With that in mind, try to keep your fun activities away from the trash can.

The Chemical Way

With so many different ways to keep pests away, you would think that chemicals wouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, chemicals are really the best alternative.


For a chemical personal bug spray, bug sprays with DEET seem to be the most effective, and they have tested safe for some people. (It’s still advisable that children and pregnant women avoid DEET.) As with oils, make sure you spray your clothing and not your body.


If you’re having a party outside, some pest control agencies are beginning to offer a one-time yard spray. This quick treatment kills the bugs in your yard and deters the arrival of new bugs for a certain amount of time. Of course, if you get the outside of your house treated annually for pests, this could also help reduce insects.


Fun Without Bugs

No matter what your plans are for the summer, you’ll want to play without pests. We hope these tips for natural and chemical pest treatment help you enjoy your outdoor summer events to the fullest!


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