Only One Day to Getaway? 8 Stay-cations Will Leave You Feeling Refreshed

Vacation days are a fabulous gift. However, it’s sometimes tough to get a chunk of days off in a row. Instead, what you end up with is a day here and there, sprinkled time off throughout the year.


Although it can initially be a bummer when you realize you don’t have enough days off to travel somewhere and see the sights, the good news is that northwest Missouri has tons of stay-cation opportunities for locals. Here are the top eight stay-cation trips within 100 miles of St. Joseph that will ensure you make the most out of your time off.

1. Powell Gardens

Located just east of Kansas City, planning a day at Powell Gardens is a perfect way to combine a day of nature with a tasty meal in Kansas City. You can head out to the Gardens with your lunch (coolers are welcome and wine and beer are for sale in their gift shop). Then, when you’re ready to start heading home, make sure to check out your favorite Kansas City restaurant on the way home. 


Powell Gardens reopens on March 1, 2020. Be sure to check out their site to learn more about their seasonal festivals (Bloom Fest is up next).

goats2. Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead in Overland Park

If you or your children love farm animals, Deanna Rose is the perfect stay-cation opportunity for you. With pony rides, goat bottle feeding, a dairy barn, playgrounds, and gardens; your family can easily spend several hours touring the grounds and having fun. Get to see domestic animals as well as all the wildlife that a Kansas farm has to offer.


Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead reopens April 1, 2020. Be sure to check out their site to learn more about all of the available animal interaction opportunities (as well as any additional fees).

3. Prairie Park Nature Center in Lawrence

Prairie Park Nature Center is a 100-acre nature preserve located just east of Lawrence, Kansas. The preserve incorporates prairie, woodlands, wetlands, and a five-acre lake. Hike, bird-watch, fish, or simply take time to relax and appreciate your time in nature. Then, when you’re done, head in to Lawrence and check out your favorite restaurant before you head back home.


Prairie Park Nature Center is currently open. Check out their website to learn more about upcoming camps for children.

4. Kansas City Zoo

With diverse animals and habitats, the Kansas City Zoo is sure to please every animal lover in your family. This 202-acre nature sanctuary has won awards for Best African Animals, Best Australian Animals, and even a rank among the best zoos in the United States. See the Kansas City Zoo on foot, by train, and even by air! 


The Kansas City Zoo is currently open although certain exhibits or attractions might be temporarily closed for maintenance. Click here to find out more about additional animal encounters.

5. Shoal Creek Living History Museum

If you have ever wanted a glimpse into Missouri during the 1800s, Shoal Creek Living History Museum is the place for you. Occupying 80 acres of the 1,000 acres of Hodge Park, Shoal Creek offers 21 structures from 1807-1885 (17 are authentic). This free museum offers buildings, re-enactors, and a better understanding of what Missouri was like during settlement.


There is always something exciting going on at Shoal Creek. To find out more about first Saturday events and other planned events this year, click here.

6. Legoland/SeaLife Aquarium

If you’re trying to create a stay-cation experience that’s perfect for your builder and your animal lover, the Legoland/SeaLife Aquarium combo ticket is the way to go. With both attractions located in the same building, it’s easy to transition from one adventure to the other. Over in Legoland, you can build creations, ride rides, and see a Lego version of some of your favorite Kansas City landmarks. Then, over in SeaLife, you can walk through the animal observation tunnel, have special encounters, and even touch certain animals.


Legoland and SeaLife Aquarium can be very busy, so you want to make sure to put some effort into your planning for this stay-cation. Book your tickets online to reserve your entry time and find the best prices.

7. Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge couple outside

Just north of St. Joseph is Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge, originally known as Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. This 7,440-acre refuge includes wetlands, grasslands, and forests along the edge of the Missouri River floodplain. In particular, this refuge was created as a feeding and breeding ground for migratory birds.


Bring your binoculars! It’s not uncommon to see bald eagles at Loess Bluffs, but you’ll want to be prepared.

8. Marydale Inn Bed & Breakfast in Jamesport, MO

Stay-cations are a wonderful way to have a fun outing during the day and return home at night. However, sometimes you might want to stay out. With a beautiful nearby pond and the quiet of the country, you may never want to come home after spending the night at the Marydale Inn Bed & Breakfast in Jamesport.


This Cape Cod-style farmhouse offers 4 spacious rooms with large private baths (3 of which have heated bathroom floors and champagne bubble tubs, and one which has a 6-foot soaker tub and a separate two-head shower). Click here to take a virtual tour of each room.

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