Plan Ahead For a Stress-Free Spring Break

Spring break is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness!  The birds are chirping, the weather is starting to warm up, and the kids are out of school.  For some families though, this change in routine can be more than a little overwhelming.  Kids that are used to being in school all day, suddenly have no idea what to do with themselves, letting the ever-dreaded boredom set in.  Have no fear though, with a little prep-work and planning your family can enjoy a laid-back spring break.

Feeding an Army!

healthy snacksIt often seems as if kids eat like an army of Viking soldiers when they are home all day.  Plan ahead for their voracious appetite and everyone will thank you!  First of all, think about what snacks look like at your house.  Then automate the snacking process by creating 2 boxes of snack foods, one for “fair game” snacks and another for special treats.  Fair-game snacks include things they know they can have anytime.  Fill this box with oranges, bananas, applesauce, crackers, and dried fruit (or whatever is a go-to snack in your home).  Keep the box in an easy to reach, obvious place.  This way even the youngest spring-breaker can help themselves.  Fill the treat box with special treats like family favorite cookies or candies, then hide it away.  This way you can pull it out when you need it, like to celebrate a day without fighting, when they complete their chores without a fuss, or just for quick easy desserts.   Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the snacks!

Second of all, plan your meals - even if you aren’t normally a meal-planner.  Nobody enjoys the last minute struggle to figure out what’s for dinner.  Save yourself the stress and make your menu ahead of time.  Plan for quick, simple meals, write it all down and then post your menu on the fridge. This makes it easy for older kids to help with meal prep!  Plus everybody already knows the answer to the most important question of the day: What’s for dinner?   Once your plan is written out, make your list and hit the grocery store before break starts.

Get Your Army Moving!

Now that food is squared away, plan some activities.  This is where your prep work will really pay off!   Pull out a few board games that haven’t been played for a while.  Grab that musical instrument that has just been gathering dust.  Make arrangements to swap kids with a family friend for a day – maybe your kids go to their house for a few hours on Monday,  and theirs come to your house for a few hours on Tuesday.  Get creative!  Make a boredom-buster box.  When kids complain about being bored, they can draw an activity out of the box.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can literally be a shoebox or even just a baggie.  Cut a couple pieces of paper into strips and write out your favorite ways to keep kids entertained.  Depending on the age of your kids, this could include things like:

  • build a Lego castlespring break
  • read for 10 minutes
  • sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • color a coloring page
  • draw a dragon
  • call Grandma
  • play solitaire
  • watch a drawing tutorial
  • paint a watercolor landscape
  • draw a self-portrait
  • take the dog for a walk
  • build a domino run

Last but not least, plan some excursions!  There are lots of activities, practically in your own backyard, just waiting for you to enjoy them.  With everything from crafts at the library to rock-wall climbing, there is something for every interest and budget. Pack your backpack full of snacks and get out on an adventure!   Visit the links below to find the best spring break excursions for your family:

No matter what you chose to do over spring break, you are making memories; a little prep work makes it easier to relax and enjoy the family time!

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