Take It Outside! How to Create a Fabulous Outdoor Patio

With summer weather finally here, it’s time to move your family time to the patio. Although many homes have a spot for an outdoor patio area, the spot may not feel very inviting. A baren concrete slab with a handful of folding chairs isn’t exactly a place that encourages your family to come and hang out.


If this sounds all too familiar, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to know to create a fabulous outdoor patio.

cozy patio1. Consider all your family members in your design.

The whole point of creating a fabulous outdoor patio area is for your whole family to use it. For this reason, you want to ensure the new area is inviting to everyone. This sounds simple enough. However, the more family members you have, the tougher the challenge to make everyone happy.


Here are some pointers to help make this process smoother:

  • Have places to set drinks and plates if you plan on eating here.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable seat for everyone.
  • Arrange things so you can all look at each other while you’re talking.
  • Don’t forget the little kids! Leave plenty of space for babies to crawl and toddlers to run around. Also, if you have little (or rowdy) kids, swap glass items for sturdier options.


back patio

2. Create an area to support what you like to do best.

By creating an outdoor patio focussed around your family’s favorite activity, you are just about guaranteeing that your family will spend plenty of time outdoors. When coming up with your patio design, keep in mind that not all families like to do the same things. 


Some families might like to have a comfy spot to read, while others might want to turn their patio into a basketball court or sideline seating for a soccer field. We all like different things, so don’t be afraid to embrace what your family likes best.


3. Be strategic with your plant and flower choices.

To have maximal outdoor enjoyment for the whole family, you should be strategic with your choices. Do your best to choose plants and flowers that will repel mosquitoes such as:

  • Citronella, 
  • Lemon balm,
  • Marigolds,
  • Lavender,
  • Garlic,
  • Geraniums,
  • Catnip,
  • Basil,
  • Peppermint, and
  • Rosemary.


These plants are also good choices if you have any family members that are afraid of bees. By reducing the number of plants with small flowers, you reduce your chances of seeing bees. Unfortunately, this strategy will also reduce your number of butterflies or hummingbirds in your yard, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing your plants.


If you live in a part of the country that has ticks, do your best to ensure your patio is in the open and not covered by tree branches. By keeping everything out from under your trees, you decrease the risk of tick bites. Remember, ticks are potential carriers of lyme disease, so you want to do your best to avoid them.

4. Add weather-appropriate finishing touches.

Unfortunately, nasty storms can even happen during the summer. This is one of the largest obstacles to creating a perfect outdoor patio area. When you are selecting your chairs, tables, rugs, or any other patio furniture; make sure to choose items that can handle your local weather.


Know yourself and what you’re willing to do to care for and protect your patio items. Purchase items that reflect your level of patio-commitment.  For example, are the fluffy cushions so important that you will remember to store them safely before it rains or would it be better to go with comfortable chairs without cushions?

Or, Would You Rather Just Buy a Home with an Awesome Outdoor Patio?

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