The 5 Best Christmas Traditions to Make This Year Special for Your Entire Family

The Christmas season can feel like it flies by faster than Santa and his reindeer. By taking time with your family to think about what makes this holiday special for you, you can ensure you don’t accidentally miss out on your favorite holiday activities. Use this helpful list of the five best Christmas traditions that are sure to make this year special for your entire family.

christmas lights1. Drive Around and Look at Lights.

Let’s face it—there’s something magical about Christmas lights. Whether they’re on a tree or on a house, they’re beautiful. Plus, since the Christmas season only lasts for a certain amount of time, they are a limited time offer!


Many communities decorate their parks with holiday lights. In St. Joseph, Krug Park is transformed into Holiday Park. But, even if your town doesn’t decorate their parks for the season, an after-dark drive around town can still create memories for you and your children that will last a lifetime.


Pro tip:  Go in your pajamas and grab some hot chocolate or peppermint ice cream to maximize your fun.

2. Watch the Classics on TV.

In December, network TV channels start to wrap up their regular programming so they can show Christmas classics for a week or two before Christmas. Find out which shows your family members love to watch on TV, check your local listings, and make a family date night out of it.


Of course, if you’re unable to watch the show when it airs, that’s okay, too. Find a new way to view the show, set a date and time that works better for you and your family, and enjoy!


Pro tip:  The classics often run multiple times during the holiday season. Check your guide for next week, and don’t forget to find out what the cable channels have to offer.

3. Schedule a Christmas Cookie Day. santa cookies

One of the best parts about Christmastime is Christmas cookies. In no other month of the year do people hand you platefulls of cookies just because. This is part of what makes the month of December a magical time. You can’t help but be filled with joy as you and your loved ones make, bake, and decorate different cookies for the season.


Pro tip:  Find another family that also has this tradition and organize a cookie swap. Double the cookies = double the fun!

4. Have Family Community Service Day.

Giving is one of the most important parts of Christmas. What better way to be an example of giving than to give back to your community with your family. 


Talk to your family about different charitable organizations that you might support. Find out how you can help them during the holidays. Then, decide which community service opportunity sounds like the best fit for you and your crew.


Pro tip:  Bring an open mind and an open heart to discover your gift from volunteering.

5. Make Up Your Own Family Tradition.

The best family traditions are the ones that you and your family create together. It doesn’t have to be anything big or exciting, but talk to your family and find something that brings joy to all of you. At my house, we get new Christmas-themed pajamas Thanksgiving night. This helps all of us get excited about the upcoming Christmas season.


Pro tip:  Another family tradition I love is celebrating with one side of the family on Christmas Eve and the other side on Christmas Day. This helps everyone stress less about who will be coming to celebrate.

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