The Best Locally-Owned Restaurants in St. Joseph

Whether you’re new to St. Joseph or a lifelong resident, you might not be aware of all the wonderful, locally-owned restaurants that are available. Tucked into neighborhoods around the city, it can be difficult to keep tabs on all the delicious eats around town. Luckily, we know this city, and we love to eat! Here’s a guide to the very best locally-owned restaurants in St. Joseph, Missouri.

1785 Restaurant (513 Francis St.)

Cuban food! You probably wouldn’t guess that St. Joseph has its own Cuban restaurant, but we do. This delicious food is a combination of Cuban traditions and family recipes.


Honestly, I had never had Cuban food before I ate here. Although my whole meal was delicious, I was particularly fond of the handmade empanadas appetizer. I could have made a whole meal of that.

bad art bistroBad Art Bistro (707 Edmond St.)

Although the owners and menus may have changed since the restaurant opened, one thing remains the same–great food. Expect fresh and creative meals and, as a nod to the owner/head chef’s previous restaurant, the Gourmet Bistro Burger.

Barbosa’s Castillo (906 Sylvanie St.)

Barbosa’s Castillo is one of the top local Mexican restaurants. It’s one of only a handful of local restaurants that has been around for ages. When my husband was a teenager, he worked there and the restaurant had been established for quite some time then.


The food is delicious, and I am particularly a fan of their queso.

The Belle Epoque Cafe (1141 Frederick Ave.)

Honestly, I’m not sure what is more impressive–the renovation of this restaurant’s building or the fabulous farm-to-table food that they serve. Either way, you will enjoy a wonderful dining experience in the newest of St. Joseph’s restaurants.

Boudreaux’s Louisiana Seafood & Steaks (224 N. 4th St.)

Ever since it opened, Boudreaux’s has been the cajun restaurant in town. Although several others have come and gone, Boudreaux’s authentic cajun food and delicious drinks make it one of the top restaurants in St. Joseph.


Make sure you try the fried onions and dipping sauce, and let the good times roll!

Bracy’s Cafe (505 Francis St.)

Locals may not recognize this restaurant’s name. That’s because it’s best known as Just Desserts or Mom’s Just Desserts. However, once the owner left her smaller shop for a larger front downtown, she started making more than just desserts, so the name didn’t quite fit anymore. Thus, Bracy’s Cafe.


Swing by for some quiche, the daily special, or a dessert. Whatever you choose, you will leave full and content.


Brioche Cafe (114 N. 7th St.)

In all honesty, this is my favorite restaurant right now. Although the main focus is on French food, I cannot stay away from their apple salad with goat cheese and their cupcakes. The crepes (both savory and dessert) are fantastic. No matter what you choose to eat, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be disappointed.

Cabbage Roll (2641 Lafayette St.)

If you love classic German food, you’re in luck! The Cabbage Roll has got you covered. Although the food is delicious, I think the atmosphere is the best part. Admire the decor or have a chat with the owner. This neighborhood restaurant is full of charm and personality.

Fredrick Inn Steakhouse (1617 Frederick Ave.)

The Fredrick Inn Steakhouse has been one of the go-to restaurants in St. Joseph for 20 years or more. As you might expect, you can order steaks. Plus, this restaurant boasts an all-you-can-eat soup and salad bar with all evening entrees.

Galvin’s Dinner House (3619 Beck Rd.)

If you love fried chicken and family-style dining, check out Galvin’s. This isn’t just the best fried chicken in St. Joseph, it’s possibly the best in northwest Missouri.  For those who don’t love fried chicken, you can order baked chicken.

Geneo’s Pizza and Pub (809 Francis St.)

In St. Joseph, it’s important that you don’t dismiss any eateries with “and Pub” in their name. Here, we often like a good drink with our delicious food, and Geneo’s is just one of several examples where both are available.


Geneo’s is best known for their pizza, but don’t discount their calzones or sandwiches. Plus, they do have a gluten-free crust available for those who request it. Personally, if I’m by myself, I’ll get one of their calzones (which is basically a pizza pocket). However, when I order a pizza, I love to get the cheeseburger pizza with pickles.

Hunan Restaurant (409 N. 36th St.)

In St. Joseph, there are lots of Chinese restaurants, but Hunan is my favorite. I love their crab rangoon, and I’ve always enjoyed whatever meal I ate for my main course.


When we moved to St. Joseph nearly 17 years ago, Hunan was one of the first locally-owned restaurants that I ate at. After moving here from a big city, I had some concerns about whether I would like this new town and what it had to offer. I was nervous and uncertain, but there was something so comforting about this food. I can remember thinking, “Well, if nothing else, this town’s got good Chinese food.”

Il Lazzarone (1628 Frederick Ave.)

Be warned, you won’t find average pizza here! Il Lazzarone offers authentic Neapolitan pizzas. This means fresh (often local) ingredients on a dough crafted with a specific Italian wheat cooked in a wood-burning oven. Delicious salads are also available.


My favorite pizza is the Uovo. I love having an egg in the center of my pizza. If you’ve never done it before, give the Uovo a try. When the egg breaks, it’s like a warm, eggy sauce for your pizza.

JC Wyatt House (1309 Felix St.)JC Wyatt

Unlike these other restaurants that offer walk-in service, the JC Wyatt House only accepts reservations. When you make your reservations, they will tell you what your meal options are and you will order then. So, if you have a large party, be aware that it might require a couple of phone calls on your end.


Any legwork you put in now will be rewarded during your meal time. Because you’ve already ordered, it feels like food comes out faster.


I don’t have a favorite dish here because everything is delicious, but I do want to recommend that you visit the JC Wyatt House around the holidays. They decorate this already gorgeous home, making it an extra special dining experience. If you love old homes and good food, this is the restaurant for you!

Pappy’s Grill & Pub (2501 Messanie St.)

Pappy’s is another example of an eatery that also serves delicious drinks. However, unlike many restaurants, they’re open from breakfast through dinner. They open at 8 a.m. during the week and 7 a.m. on Saturdays. Then, they stay open until 9 or 9:30 p.m. depending on the day.


Another great benefit of this locally-owned restaurant is that they give back to the community. I always love supporting businesses that are active in the community and work to make it a better place.

Eat Locally!

At Ramseier Realty Group, we hope you enjoy St. Joseph and all that it has to offer as much as we do. Let us know what your favorite locally-owned restaurants are.

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