The Best Thanksgiving Yet! How to Modernize Classic Traditions


Holidays like Thanksgiving are often filled with family traditions. While these traditions often bring joy and happiness, they can be a painful reminder of great changes that have happened that year. For example, if you’re in the process of moving or have moved, Thanksgiving might feel particularly challenging this year.


With your kitchen in a box, what do you do? Here’s how to modernize classic traditions and have the best Thanksgiving yet--even if you’re mid-move.

Know What’s Important

know what's importantWhat’s most important this time of year is that you and your family can be together. Still, everyone has their own ideas of what makes holidays like Thanksgiving special. If you have children, have a family discussion and learn what each child thinks is important about this holiday. Take notes so that you can do your best to incorporate what’s most important for each individual.



Seize the Opportunity

It may not seem like it right now, but your kitchen in a box is a blessing. What a fabulous opportunity to make this holiday exactly the way you’d like it to be! Get rid of past traditions that add effort but don’t increase your enjoyment of the holiday.


Think about exactly how you’d like to celebrate. What does the best Thanksgiving ever look like for you? Make sure to be really specific when you think about how you want this holiday to be. Then, decide what you can do to implement your ideas this year.

Ditch the Dishes

I’ll never forget the year we had more people than China plates. I was freaking out. What were we going to do?! We have to have plates.


Thankfully, my husband is quick on his feet and hates formal eating. Eating off of our China was a tradition he was happy to ditch. In no time, our China plates were swapped out for Chinet plates.


In the years since then, we’ve never gone back. We still use Chinet at our house for all the major holidays. Honestly, the food tastes just as delicious, and now no one has to wash dishes after dinner!


For me, this added post-meal relaxation time is a tradition I was happy to adopt. Plus, with the China safely in the cabinet, no one worries about accidentally dropping a plate.

Get Creative moving

Anyone with their kitchen boxed up is going to have to get creative this Thanksgiving. However, parents who have just moved are going to have to be a little more creative than everyone else. It’s possible that your children may miss their old home even more around the holidays. Do your best to get them as involved as possible in creating and implementing your new (or modified) traditions.

Try Out a Food Swap

Just because turkey is the most commonly eaten food on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean your family has to eat it. If the thought of your Thanksgiving meal doesn’t have you drooling, think about what you’d rather eat. Then, make plans to eat that food instead.


Would you rather have a juicy steak, your favorite pizza, or Chinese takeout? It’s up to you. As long as you have a way to get the food you crave, the culinary world is yours.


There is no rule that says everyone must eat the same thing on Thanksgiving. Just because the Pilgrims ate it doesn’t mean you have to.

Have the Best Thanksgiving Yet!

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