The Top 8 Reasons Why I Live in St. Joseph, Missouri

The Top 8 Reasons Why I Live in St. Joseph, Missouri

At the end of March, I celebrated 16 years as a resident of St. Joseph, MO. People often ask me how I got here. I grew up in St. Louis County and went to college in Fort Worth, Texas; so St. Joseph isn’t necessarily a logical choice. The short answer is that I met my future husband when I was in college, and he grew up here.

In our race to find jobs and move back to Missouri, he won and we moved to St. Joseph. Some of his family members live here, too. I won’t lie, that’s a leading reason why we still live here. However, it’s not the only reason. Here are my top 8 reasons why I live in St. Joseph.


volunteer8. The community cares about each other.

I’m not sure if it’s because this is the only community that I’ve lived in as an adult or whether the citizens of St. Joseph really go above and beyond, but this community really cares about each other. There are many organizations that exist specifically to help those in need.

Second Harvest serves as a food pantry and provides food to school-age children for the weekend that might otherwise do without. The Noyes Home helps care for children while parents get the time and support that they need during times of crisis. Our local United Way supports several local agencies and has been recognized nationally for its efficiency with investing donor dollars in the community.


7. It’s easy to get around.

When I first moved here, you could get anywhere in town in about ten minutes. Now, it might take 15 or 20 minutes because the town has grown. Still, it’s very easy to navigate, and there’s nothing quite like taking a drive along our Parkway.


6. I like seasons.

Part of the reason why my future husband and I moved back to Missouri is because we missed having four seasons. I love green grass and leaves with varied and vibrant colors. You can call me crazy, but I even love the hottest day of summer and the snowiest day of winter.


5. It has a fantastic history.

St. Joseph, Missouri is the home of the Pony Express and was one of the most important cities when westward expansion happened. Although St. Louis may be known as the “gateway to the west,” everyone did their supply shopping when they hit St. Joseph. This made St. Joseph one of the wealthiest cities in the United States at that time. In fact, it had more money per capita than Chicago at the time. This old money is visible in the numerous old mansions and in parts of the downtown.

If the Pony Express and the wealth from the westward expansion movement don’t interest you, we also have the house where Jesse James was shot and killed. This small but informative museum provides a glimpse into the life of the legendary man and his family.

Missouri Theater


4. Our local arts community.

There are four cities in Missouri that have a symphony, and St. Joseph is one of them. Additionally, St. Joseph has theater and musical productions from Missouri Western State University and our local theater group, Robidoux Resident Theatre. The Performing Arts Association offers a season of traveling touring acts, and various agencies offer

opportunities for children to get involved in theater.


3. It’s growing.

Our Chamber of Commerce works hard to attract new businesses to our community, and our locals work hard to support them. Whether the business is large or small, we take pride in what we have to offer and do our best to support the new people and businesses in our community.


2. All of the reasons that other websites will give about why you should live in St. Joseph.

Other websites will list their reasons why you should live in St. Joseph, and all of those reasons are also very valid points. Most of them will tell you that the cost of living is very reasonable, that the Kansas City airport is only half an hour away, and that Kansas City is only an hour away. They might also tell you that there are several nearby cities with tremendous amounts of charm like Maryville and Weston. If you’re really researching, you’ll find that St. Joseph has a local winery and that there are two micro-breweries that are working on opening soon.


downtown1. People are constantly doing their best to make this city a better place.

Recently, I have really seen the passion of other residents of St. Joseph to improve this city. Whether it’s revitalizing the downtown or helping our school district improve, many citizens are stepping up and working hard. High schoolers are writing letters to the City Council with ideas for reducing litter, and even kindergarteners are doing their best to pick up any trash that they see when they’re out in the community.


Here at Ramseier Realty Group, we’re proud of St. Joseph and all that this wonderful city has to offer. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in St. Joseph or the surrounding area, give us a call at 816.262.8077 or contact us through our website. We’re ready to help you fall in love with this city, too!

Guest content provided by Sarah Stockett, Custom Pilates and Yoga.