Welcome Emily DeShon, Executive Administrator

Ramseier Realty Group is a newer Keller Williams team serving the St. JosephNorthwest Missouri, and North Kansas City areas.  All of us are here to better help people realize their dreams.  Today we are pleased to introduce to you our newest team member…

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Emily DeShon, Executive Administrator

One of my favorite things growing up was the fact that I always had a playmate. I have nine other siblings so whether I wanted someone to annoy, play a trick on or confide in – I had one. Coming from a large family taught me a lot about serving others, keeping schedules, and organizing activities; all of which have come in handy with the different positions I have held.


I went to a small Bible college and picked up my husband and a counseling degree, with lots of fun memories along the way. I was a financial counselor at a domestic violence shelter for a time before we moved to St. Joseph to be near my husbands family.  My husband’s family had previously been missionaries to Turkey, and so I had the opportunity to visit there on two occasions. I love experiencing new cultures and food, but am always ready to come back to my sweet home. Both my husband and I love the outdoors and look for ways to enjoy its beauty. Some of our favorite outdoor activities are hiking, gardening and hunting.


My husband had known Lorrie as his high school friend’s mom, and we connected in the process of getting a house. Lorrie was very diligent in helping us secure a good offer on both of the properties we purchased and was always on top of her game. When Lorrie told me she was looking for an administrative position I was excited at the possibility of working with her. I knew she was going places and wanted to be a part of her team. I am grateful to have found a job that has such variety in the day to day and still allows me to help others reach their dreams.