What’s New With Heather Hays, Buyer’s Agent

Hi There! 

We hope you are starting to thaw out and that spring is on its way. At Ramseier Realty Group we have been busy as ever. Regardless of the weather – people still need homes! Our buyer’s agent Heather Hays has been very resourceful in helping many families this past year, and we wanted to make you more familiar with who she is and what she does

Heather truly enjoys meeting new people, hearing their stories, and learning what matters most to them in a home. For some, that may look like plenty of yard space for pets or extra bedrooms for a coming family, or even something simple that is easy to care for. Once she is able to identify your needs she jumps into the hard work of searching for the one. Last year she was able to make a lasting impact on many families by finding them their dream home.

Each closing is a personal opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. She has begun making homemade from the heart barbeque sauce to give out as a closing gift to her clients. And let me tell you, it is worth all the stress moving can bring! Heather is an exceptional baker and can often be found making baked goods for their coffee shop. If you are ever in need of a scrumptious muffin or cinnamon roll, you should stop into Word of Life’s Coffee Shop for a taste of her creations. 

Heather is most excited for this year because it is the year she becomes a grandmother. I know, I know, she doesn’t look old enough – but, it is true. Little Jaxson made his appearance last month and Heather couldn’t be prouder. Her kids, and now grandson, are her motivation to get up each day and work her hardest for you. She knows how valuable family is and having a home that will protect them and be comfortable to everyone is a priority she shares with you. If you have been thinking of buying a home you should give her a call – she would be thrilled to help you find your way home. 


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