How To Get Your Home Ready For Online Listing

real estate agentThe Internet has made home buying and home selling more accessible than ever before, for better or for worse. 44% of home buyers these days look online for properties. While it’s fairly easy now to list your home online, there are a few mistakes that many people looking to sell their home make. Here are a few steps you need to take before you list your home for sale online.


  • Hire a real estate agent: While it might seem easy to sell your home with just a few clicks online, you’ll still need real estate agents involved to make sure the process goes smoothly. Without the right realtors involved, you’ll likely run into legal and financial trouble while trying to sell.
  • Stage your home appropriately: When people see your house online, they want to see it as their future home, not your current home. Make sure you take the time to stage the home with appealing furniture and decor and clean up any messes that your family might have created. This will make your home look neat and organized online, and appeal to more buyers.
  • Take quality photos: First impressions are incredibly important, and this is just as true when that first impression is made online. Any photos that you share online as part of your listing should be well-lit, high-quality photos of a clean and organized home. If possible, hire a professional photographer, or see if your real estate agent can help you take the best possible pictures of your space to share.
  • Know what your home is worth: Regardless of whether you’re selling online or not, you want to make sure any offers for your home are fair ones. Work with your real estate agent to determine a fair asking price; this will keep you from getting ripped off when selling your house. If you do get an offer that doesn’t live up to your standards, don’t be afraid to walk away from the deal.


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