Determining Price

Many factors contribute to the value of your home. Pricing your home can depend on location, age, size, comparative market values, and the condition of your property. Unfortunately, there are also many factors which have absolutely NO impact on value, including previous selling price, dollars spent on renovations, or even the amount of equity you're counting on.

market value

Price Competitively

The First 2 Weeks Are Critical

  • A property generates the most interest when it first hits the market.
  • The number of showings is greatest during this time if it is priced at realistic market value.
  • Starting too high and dropping the price later is risky because your listing might be overlooked during its critical 2-week window.
  • Many homes which start high end up selling below their market value.


weeks on market

Price Right

Time on Market Works Against You

  • The buying market has a short attention span.
  • Pricing your home right the first time is key.
  • Proper pricing of your home attracts buyers.
  • An overpriced home will not sell. Stagnant listings bring about concern that something may be faulty with the property.
  • We want to generate offers before the market moves on to newer listings.


It's very important to utilize this knowledge in pricing your home reasonably and realistically when you initially list your property. This will help you get the most out of your transaction, as quickly as possible. Ready to list your home? Give us a call and schedule your free home valuation. (816) 262-8077

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