Tips For Successful Showings

Create a Great First Impression.

Showings often pop up without much warning. Ensure you never miss an occasion to show your home to potential buyers by keeping it tidy, the dusting done, floors swept, bathrooms sparkling and the kitchen clean. To help you along, here are some tips for successful showings.


This is an opportunity for potential buyers to envision their life unfolding in your home. To best facilitate this:

• Tidy-up, vacuum, and clear off the counters.
• Add a pop of color with fresh flowers.
• Make the beds and put out fresh towels.
• Turn on all the lights.
• Open drapes and shades in the daytime.
• Keep pets secured outdoors, or off the premises.
• Play quiet background music.
• Light the fireplace (if seasonally appropriate).
• Lightly scent the air with cinnamon or vanilla.
Vacate the property while it is being shown.

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